Did you know that EVERY time you order something on my website now, that the SAME dollar amount goes into a special TRAVEL SAVINGS ACCOUNT just for you?

It’s TRUE!

That is CRAZY!!!   Where ELSE can you buy CBD and get TWICE the value for every dollar you spend!!?!?

Spend $600 on CBD Oil, Shampoo, Bath Bombs, Essential Oils, etc. and you'll have $600 in your Travel Savings Account! 

If you’re ordering for the first time, your Special Travel Savings Account will be AUTOMATICALLY created for you.  After that, just log into your account, just like you’ll do whenever you want to order something again (click on “customer login” and log in, using your email address), and then click on HIGH LIFE TRAVEL at the top.  Scroll down.  If you haven’t activated your portal yet, you’ll need to do that the first time (after that, just enter the Travel Portal).  Once you’re in, you’ll see your savings account on the upper left side.

Book your travel and use the money in your Travel Savings Account to reduce the actual amount that you’ll owe for your travel.

For example:

You want to go to Las Vegas for a long weekend.  Search for hotels in Las Vegas on the dates you want to travel.  The prices you’ll see are the SAME prices you’d see on Expedia.com, Hotels.com, etc.  Pick your hotel.  Then you can pay for part of your stay with the money in your Travel Savings Account!

Today, when I searched for Feb 6-10, Mandalay Bay came up as $493 on Hotels.com.  With using the $124 that I had in my Travel Savings Account, I could book that same hotel for just $354.

I saved $139 — just for purchasing CBD, Shampoo & Lotion!

You’ll also have access to Car Rentals, Weekly Stays (bigger savings), and Activities (tours, museums, shows, horseback riding, spa treatments, etc.).

Log in, look around, and start planning YOUR next dream vacation!

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