What is the difference between hemp and Marijuana?

Not surprisingly, I get this question a LOT!  Or … “Will I get high?” or … “Is hemp the same as Marijuana?”

There is still a lot of confusion on the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana are basically cousins — they are both “cannabis”, but very different.  CBD Oil can come from either plant.  Marijuana is typically very high in the THC compound (the psychoactive compound that gets you “high”) and very low in CBD (the compound where most of the health benefits come from).

If the CBD Oil comes from the marijuana plant, it will share the same properties (high in THC, lower in CBD) and you will need a Medical Marijuana Card to purchase it.

If it comes from the Hemp Plant, then it will be very high in CBD with just a trace amount of THC, and it’s Federally legal to purchase in all 50 states without a prescription (although a few states do not allow it to be sold in a storefront).  CBD Oil from hemp will NOT get you high.  Hence my slogan “HEALTH without the HIGH”!

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